Getting Started

How quickly can we get started?

Our process does a lot of work on the front end to make sure that things run smoothly during the implementation stages. While the beginning phases may seem to go slowly, there is a reason for our method and we ask that you patiently come along for the journey.

How often will I be updated on the project?

Please remember that it is important to let us design for you. Each Friday, we will send out a Friday Follow Up to keep you apprised of where things stand and to communicate any information that may be needed. While some weeks will have more communication, you will always receive a Friday Follow Up. If we are constantly fielding calls, texts, and emails, we are unable to do the design and this will delay your project. Please refrain from inundating us with these unless it is time sensitive. We may even answer your questions anyway! add qualifying statement of understanding

Can I get your "discount"?

A designer discount is a bit of a misnomer. Just as with the stores in which you shop, we are provided with wholesale or "trade only" pricing. Just as with retailers, our "mark up" is how we earn a living. You are not paying any more than you would retail and we may even pass along some of our "perks" depending on our vendor pricing.

The Process

But I want to change this... But I want that instead..

When we create a design for your space, there are numerous factors that we are taking into account to make sure that everything comes together as seamlessly as possible. Small changes can have a domino effect on the overall aesthetic that we are creating for you and so while some changes are allowed within the scope of the project, there will be a charge for those beyond that.

My remodeling project just started and the demolition has begun. Why don’t I have workers in the house every day?

General Contractors are masters at logistics. There is an order for every different type of job and inspections are needed at different stages of construction to assure work has been done to code and/ or that the next steps in the process can get started. There will be days when no one shows up to your project. Although frustrating, trust that order in the work process is being done correctly for your protection and final quality.

I love my design, but the (insert item here) seemed a little expensive so I searched for it online. I found the same one on the Internet for less. Why didn’t you give me that price?

We source the majority of items in our projects from vendors with whom we have developed a relationship. This is important because any problems that may arise are handled immediately with the expediency that our well-developed relationships provide. If an item is damaged it is handled and replaced without us spending hours on hold with an obscure vendor or website. As we discussed during the signing of the contract, you may find a website that sells (insert item here) cheaper, and it is usually due to the volume of which this source purchases the item. We don’t always get the deepest trade pricing, but we do pass on some of it to you for all of your purchases through us so your overall purchase total will still be less than if you were to shop “retail” (plus, many of the items are not even available to the public).

Other Questions

Why are custom curtains so expensive, and why can’t we just order some from a catalog? The key word in your question is “custom.”

Custom work can be more expensive. Items are made specifically for your project with measuring and installation done by professionals. In the instance of curtains, the fabric was selected just for you, and the drapery was constructed by a workshop. Retail curtains are mass-produced in a factory. There is no guarantee of the color since dye lots may vary, and oftentimes the actual length of the panels are inconsistent and uneven by up to an inch. Custom curtains are as close to perfection as you can get

Why does it take more than a day or two to get the small revisions I have requested?

While we do build in time for revisions to each design, the timing of each request is unpredictable. We do our best to be expedient in our response time, but often one small design change will domino into another and another within the portions of the project that have already been approved. We work diligently to search for the best solution without the need to re-work the overall design selections. Additionally, we are often waiting on our vendors to get back to us with the answers to the questions we have posed in regard to the replacement requested because sometimes the details are not online for us to just click to.