Take your tax return money and put it towards refreshing or renovating your Pennsylvania home

Spring has sprung and tax returns are slowly landing in our mailboxes. With Spring comes fresh starts, making it the ideal time to breathe new life into your home. Imagine redirecting that cash flow to refresh or reorganize your Pennsylvania home to create a space that reflects your unique style! Whether it is to soothe, inspire, or energize, we believe your space should work for you.  From initial concept to implementation, we love collaborating and turning vision into reality! 

Need a quick refresh? Here are a few ways to change your living space!

  1. Include incorporating new light fixtures to infuse warmth and ambiance into your space. Consider low lighting especially in your living room and bedroom to create a cozy environment.

  1. Choose paint colors that allow you to redefine a room’s character. Who knew you could set a new tone with just a few brush strokes? Our Color Consultation service allows you to transform each room into something special whether you’re wanting to brighten up a dark room or add moodiness to bedrooms.

  1. Playing with the space you have means learning the best furniture pieces for your home’s aesthetic and function. Investing in a few key pieces or reimagining the layout of your current furniture can alter the feel of any room. Art, too, serves as a powerful medium to shift the vibe of a space with a single statement piece.

Lighting, colors, and furniture can drastically change the feeling of your home, and choosing accessories such as mirrors, rugs, decor, and pillows can transform your space into a sanctuary that grows with you and your changing needs!

  1. And while we love aesthetic upgrades, consider the benefits of decluttering and cleaning out things no longer necessary. Closets, junk drawers, and under furniture can collect various items. Donating or tossing items no longer in use can open up your home and allow for different decor and colors to integrate seamlessly. 


We all know what it’s like to go down the rabbit hole…

Adding unique elements such as colors, furniture, and decor can feel like an enormous task- especially if design isn’t your strong suit! At Punctuate Your Style, we’re ready to turn that vision into your reality and would love to help you to implement these ideas as you embark on a interior design remodel or refresh. If you’re curious about how to spend your tax return on your Pennsylvania home, explore our services to begin the journey towards a space that resonates with you!

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