Garden Zen: a Transitional Space

Wallcovering: @MiltonandKing
Chandelier: @CurreyandCo
Curtain Fabric: @Kravet
Sofa: @CladHome
Table: @SarreidLimited
Chair: @CurreyandCo
Accessories: @ChelseaHouse
Rug: @JaipurLiving
Side Table: @zeugmaimport
Books: @potterybarn
Paint: @backdrop

Patterns! Hues! Textures! Different styles! All together? Is this the moment when your heart starts to race? Does panic set in? Don’t let it! I am here to tell you to embrace it because done properly it can be absolute perfection! In fact, I like to think of it as the space giving you a warm hug. It encapsulates various senses all at once as you take in different vignettes around the room.

This month’s inspiration piece is that CLAD Home Aria Sofa. What I love so much about this sofa is the curves. It’s simple and classic with a twist! And the low profile is great for if you need to place the sofa in front of a large window. Its feminine lines are a lovely contrast to the more structured table and the old world charm and simplicity of the chair. The three styles work nicely together in a transitional space like this!

In this particular space, I imagine myself in an English garden, with a cuppa, on a rainy day doing two of my favorite things: reading and spending time with my animals. The space is both moody and light- bringing the outside in. I would paint the space in a lacquer finish and paint the trim and crown molding in the same color as it will give the feeling of a den or library. The wallpaper would be stunning  as an accent- perhaps on the forgotten fifth wall- the ceiling!

What’s lovely about the curtains is that their pattern plays so well with the wallpaper but they are a visual contrast, their light background breaking up the moodiness of the walls as the light comes in from the windows.

One of the hesitations that I find clients often face has to do with color choice and more specifically with hues. The primary color for this space is clearly green. However, there are numerous shades and tints of the color as well as differences in saturation. This allows the space to be multidimensional while also feeling cohesive because the colors are working together and not opposing one another.

When I look at real estate and see a beautiful old home with old wide plank hardwood flooring and then suddenly there is thin gray LVP  in whatever room has just been renovated, a piece of my soul and that of the house itself has just died a bit.

Trends are hard. For the past few years, we have seen minimal colors: whites, grays, greige, black. It still works in some places but the problem with trends is just that. They are a trend; they are here and then they are not. 

There is something to be said for creating the space that you love and that invigorates your spirit. However, it is also important to listen to the home and maintain harmony. Know its style and accentuate that in a way that makes you happy without falling into a passing fad.

In addition, it is a cost effective way to design because you will not have future buyers who walk in and being unable to understand the design, are immediately turned off by a space that is disharmonious. 

We love design and it's our passion to create spaces for our clients that highlight the beauty of their home as well as one that embodies their style. Color is just one way that we can help you to individualize your environment! 

Stay tuned to our monthly blog: This One Thing  to see how just one item can inspire an entire space. And please, reach out to find out more ways that we can help you to design the best living space for you! - Schedule a Discovery Call Here

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