DECO Inspired Gorgeous Accent Tile

Tile: @NewRavenna

Glassware: @Anthropologie

Chairs and Table: @TOVFurniture

Shelving: @PalmerIndustries

Rug: @JaipurLiving

One of the best parts about being an interior designer is that you are constantly getting inspiration from everything around you. Some of it you take with you and add to your ever expanding catalog of elements to incorporate into your designs. Sometimes it helps you to realize what you don’t want to use and sometimes it just stops you in your tracks because it is so stunning!

Enter New Ravenna Place Vendôme Waterjet Glass Mosaic Tile.

Tile: @NewRavenna

Recently during a Chief Architect seminar, we were learning about textures and how to bring a tile in as a texture in order to show in a 3D rendering to our clients that enables them to visualize their particular choices in the spaces that we are designing for them.

The teacher showed us a tile that she had recently used in a project from New Ravenna and as she brought up the site, there was their latest collection: Place Vendôme. And that was it. The world stopped and I saw rainbows and unicorns. I was awestruck. Enamored. I recently renovated my own home- a process that I definitely did not survive unscathed and yet my first thought was what can I take out and replace with this? 

I’m not sure it would be something that anyone would look at and think that that would fit “my style” but isn’t that what makes design so wonderful? Just like us, it is constantly changing and evolving. It brings us inspiration for things that we didn’t even know we liked and perhaps more importantly the things that we didn’t even know we needed. 

That’s right- need. Our homes should be our sanctuary. Places that we can come back to that allow us to recharge and be inspired to deal with the daily challenges of being an adult. Because we all know that adulting can be soul sucking and design… well, design is here to inspire. It’s here to bring you back to a place where all the chaos is outside your four walls and your home offers you that much needed hug. 

Architectural Digest says that, “One of the top design trends in 2024 is a style direction where the fashion and interiors worlds are on the same page (even Pantone agrees): ice-cream pastels are among the most covetable colours right now.” So perhaps it’s the super fun chairs in their pastel pink that give you that pop of inspiration that you need!

But if you’re like me, that hug always seems to be a pricey one. Is this tile stunning? ABSOLUTELY! Is this tile budget friendly? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Inspired by an expensive tile like this?  Remember that it’s just perfect for the marquis in a shower, behind the range or-as shown in my design board- as the backsplash for the bar area. Rather than loving something and not using it at all, think of ways that you can incorporate your inspiration in a way that will work for you!

What is the “just one thing” that makes you happy? Have you been able to implement it into your own home? If not, we are here to help! Reach out to us for a Discovery Call and find out how we can help! 

Remember that it’s: your style. inspired.

And if you love New Ravenna and want someone to design a space around this (or any) of their tiles, I would LOVE to remember that inspiring others is a beautiful thing so email me and let’s chat! 😉

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