Meet Me: Ashley Dowse - Principal Interior Designer at Punctuate Your Style- A Newtown Square PA Interior Design Studio

Interior design played a large role in my life as textures, colors, and design elements have always fascinated me. From the time I could draw house plans, pick out paint swatches and rearrange furniture, I have wanted to use my talents to transform spaces to reflect the people who lived in them. There’s a sense of magic when you turn a simple room into a sanctuary that resonates with one’s personal style. I owe a large part of this to my parents who inspired me by starting the natural fibers company, Garnet Hill.

For those who don’t know me- I’m Ashley Dowse- the heart and soul behind Punctuate Your Style. As a part of a thriving local design community, I am based in Newtown Square PA and believe every home tells a unique story through every corner, nook, and paint color. Bringing my passion to life across Pennsylvania has been such a fun journey- from Chester County to the historic street of the Main Line- each project is a new adventure! Together with my clients, we create spaces that perfectly reflect their dreams.

I believe it’s all about weaving your story together into your space. Whether that’s an apartment that needs a personality of its own or a vacation home needing a refresh, your home should be a collection of what you love, what tells your story, and what has meaning to you. Truly understanding what’s important to my clients is one of my favorite aspects of what I do.

Every so often, I get asked about where the name “Punctuate Your Style” came from. As a former high school English teacher and someone who owns every bit of being a “nerd”, I thought a little play on words would be fun! Our motto is “your style. Inspired”, so I love the idea of punctuating key elements of the design so that it creates the vision that the clients desired.

Whether you’re in the heart of Pennsylvania or tucked away somewhere, I would love to help make your interior design dreams come to life!  Let’s chat about infusing your home with comfort, style, and a shining personality – I can’t wait to hear your story and translate it into a space you’ll adore!

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